3 Scientific Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For You

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Traveling is good for you. Several studies have been conducted into the positive influence of a holiday on your body and mind. People who regularly plan a trip would be healthier. I will give you some good reasons to pack your bags and come back fully rested.

Planning a trip has a positive influence on your well-being

A 2002 study by the University of Surrey shows that people who regularly plan a trip, feel better and healthier. With a holiday in the offing you have something to live and to look forward to. This is good for your well-being. A study from 2014 even shows that people get more enjoyment from planning a trip than when they buy or receive new items. In short, book a trip and dot it out. It does not have to be far, if it’s just something you can look forward to.

Travel reduces the risk of a heart attack

A study by Framingham Heart Study showed that people who do not go on holiday for several consecutive years are thirty percent more likely to have a heart attack. Another study, sponsored by National Institutes of Health, shows that people who regularly go on holiday are 21 percent less likely to die for any reason and 32 percent die less quickly due to a heart disease. Do heart problems occur in the family? Make sure you go out regularly!

Traveling reduces the chance of depression

People who go on holiday less than once every two years are more likely to experience stress and depression than people who switch out at least twice a year. This is shown in a 2006 study by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin. And a study by the American Psychological Association shows that your stress eventually decreases if you regularly leave the environment that is stressful and busy. If you feel a lot of stress, you have to travel more!

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