5 Reasons Why Instagram Should Be Your Main Marketing Tool

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Social media platform Instagram is on the rise, hundreds of millions of people use this creative platform. Instagram is a lot more lively than Facebook in the recent months because of the many possibilities of interaction. In this article you will find 5 reasons why you should use Instagram in 2018 for your company.

Not only beautiful photos but also Instastories

In mid-2016 Instagram introduced the Stories. Photos and videos that only last for 24 hours. Unlike the regular feed from Instagram, which should be perfect and slick, the Stories give a feeling of being “behind the scenes”. So on your Instagram feed you place a nice photo or video, and in the Stories you show what went before (failure, fatigue, choices).

Interaction and involvement

Instagram and Instastories are low-threshold. In the Stories for example you can hold a small poll among your followers. You can place a Boomerang (accelerated funny video), create an exciting zoom with “super zoom” and even go live. People who react, respond privately. In the regular feed of your Instagram comments are public, so you can get a conversation with several people who react to each other. Interaction and involvement at all levels!

A simple way to vlog

Have you been wanting to start vlogging and talking to your followers for a while, but do not have a clue where to start? Instastories is ideal. You can practice with storytelling and receive direct feedback from your followers. Start by following accounts in your market daily, learn from them and then start yourself. The stories will disappear within 24 hours, so experiment and dare to make mistakes. This is one of the most powerful tools and I will soon write an article on how to optimize your Instastories to get leads for your business!

New followers are new customers!

It is possible in Instagram to attract new people via hashtags and location tags. New followers may also become new customers. You can tell the story behind your product or company and build a community, an insanely powerful instrument! Since you can place a link to your website on your profile, many followers will at least take a look and possibly buy your products.

Marketing with images and video on the smartphone is the future

Communication and marketing are shifting from text to image and, especially in the area of mobile video, we are in a revolution. Instagram understands this and is at the forefront of this. Use 2018 to make this platform your own and you will enjoy this amazing marketing tool in the coming years!

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