How To Set Honest Expectations

Robert FreericksMy Tips

2 min read

Most people are tricked into network marketing by companies that promise $100 sign up bonus or so. Many think that network marketing can help them get rich fast. Is that even possible? Well, it probably is if you are someone with a huge network but for most people it is definitely not. So you have to make sure people do not aim to make huge profits from the start or even within their 14 day trial (many companies use trials to reel people in).

So how do we make sure people don’t immediately aim for the moon? Set out honest expectations!

If people say, “I am going to try it for 14 days”, I am out. It is not realistic and I won’t put my work and energy into them. My theory is that you should always be honest to your prospects if you want them to grow with you.

So, ask someone if they have a plan for the future to be financially free. Tell them your opportunity and show them the right path to achieve this. Tell them that they maybe won’t earn a single dollar in the first 6 month. Why? They will follow your lead because you are HONEST.

Haven’t we all been scammed by an MLM company/sponsor? Did you thank them for that or still work with them? Of course not. So why do the same thing to your prospects?
Show your prospects where they can be in 1 year from now, where they can be in 5 years from now, and where they can be in 10 years from now. This way people will see a future in your business, but most important, they will see a future in YOU.

Conclusion: Don’t tell people they will get rich in 14 days. Because at day 15 they will say you are a scam. And guess what, THEY ARE RIGHT.