What You Say To Prospects Who Are Asking About The Price

Robert FreericksMy Tips

2 min read

First of all, why do prospects ask how much the business costs so early? Sometimes they even ask before you have given your presentation. It is a pain in the ass of many network marketers. Well, I couldn’t get a better question than this because it is so easy to turnover! The reason why people ask for the costs is because initially they are looking for an excuse and don’t really want to join your business.

So what do I say to these prospects to turn them around. First of all I will NEVER tell them the price in this case. Don’t get me wrong, I am very transparent about my business costs and you can check that on this very website, but in this case you will lose them by telling.

Prospect: “So Robert, how much does it cost to join the business?”

At this point is doesn’t matter what price I name, no price will be the right one.

I will react in the following way: “There are multiple options and you can make it as expensive as you want, but I think this business may not be right for you.”

It is important to stand your ground and NOT tell them the price at this point.
Your prospect will have no idea what to say because most network marketers will name the price immediately and tell them it’s worth it. Not a single person will believe you and that makes perfect sense because you sound like a scam.

Now they are interested why this business isn’t right for them. You can tell them everything about your business because they are truly listening now. Show them how this business can change their future and be honest. When you feel like they believe in the business, you can tell them about the starting cost.

Always keep in mind that there is huge difference between a NO and a NOT YET. Most of the time a no means a not yet.